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RUSHFORTH Tools for Revit
For Architects, Engineers, Contractors, Fabricators, Content Providers, or any other Revit user

● Save hundreds of hours

● Link Revit to Excel

● Manage shared parameters

● Extract Excel data or draw table formatting as drafting view

● Facilitate 3D section creation

● Automate project view and sheet setup

● And much more!

See Images/AUGIlogosmall.png AUGIWorld Magazine's review of RF Tools here: PDF or Online_Reader

If your team is working without RUSHFORTH Tools for Revit, then they are spending time and money they don't need to.

Don't let your staff spend hundreds of hours on issues that were solved long ago.
When dealing with fast-paced projects and approaching deadlines, the choice is yours -
RUSHFORTH or fall behind.



Customer Quotes

“This tool is amazing. I use it for so many things. By far the best app for Revit I've seen. You will make back the money you spent on it the first day you use it. -Frank Moradiellos, ADD Inc

“I love this program and if you don't love it then you haven't learned what it can do! -Jason Seagle, Confidential Client

BRILLIANT!! Absofreakinlutely brilliant time saver! -Christopher Leachman, COWI

“We have used this on a new 60 000 seated stadium to manage all the piling loads (over 4000 piles). It has saved weeks!" -Nick Lancaster, BG&E Australia

Pays for itself in about 12 minutes!” -Peter Lawton, Confidential Client

“RF tools have practically been my right hand over my last year of Revit use. The Parameter Transformer is worth its weight in gold! -Darrell Warmsley, Confidential Client

“Very fast problem solving! I never received an efficient support like yours! -Andrea Cicero, EUPRO s.r.l. Società di Ingegneria

“The plugin is truly amazing! -Frederic Beaupere, Herzog & de Meuron

“These are amazing! These tools have saved me hundreds of hours on large projects. Well worth a test drive.” -Crawford Smith, Tesseract Design

Best add on for Revit out there.” -Nigel Challis, Confidential Client

“They are a real timesaver, and we keep recommending it to our colleagues.” -David Pezzi, Fenwick Iribarren Architects

“It comes with a bunch of other stuff, but as a customer I would pay $200 just for the excel link. Your tool is going to take a process that currently takes 4 days worth of a professional’s time and reduce it to less than 4 hours. -Aryn Bergman, Facebook

"This tool has raised you to super-hero status around here!" -Bryce Wilson, Student, Northeastern University

"Our mechanical department has come to rely on your parameter transformer tool as a substitute for [a competitor’s product] for working with a very large national retail client. Also the 3D section box tool has become an integral part of our day to day coordination between disciplines." -Lawrence Robinson, Nelson-Rudie & Associates, Inc.

“After setting up the templates, creating the initial views and all the required sheets just takes a couple of clicks. We then create any dependent views and using the Parameter Modifier can assign scope boxes and rename to suit. Finally, using the Excel link, we'll set the sheet parameters to drive the key and other features. Time to create and update 1000's of views and sheets can be measured in minutes not days. As I said before I'm very impressed with the tool, and appreciate the regular updates.” -Andrew Darlington, Ramboll Middle East

“Your tool has helped me save endless amount of time. -Arif Hanif, Confidential Client

“I can't say I love this tool enough. Thank you. It truly has changed the way I do business.” -Andy Schrader, Confidential Client

“Thumbs Up! This app is great. Have saved me incredible amount of time, importing coordinates from CAD files and relocating 1000s of items accordingly in minutes. Exporting detailed schedules for estimators. etc. etc. I highly recommend it!” -Jacob Attardian, Star Group Australia

“If you wish that this application could do it then keep looking, it probably does -Justin Schaad, O'Brien Atkins Architecture

“Spectacular software, it saves me weeks of work!!” -Eduardo Casares, AIDHOS ARQUITEC

“it has to be one of the best addins to Revit!” -Rob Dehaney, Ramboll UK

“I love it, easy and simple! Once again you are exceeding expectations!” -Plamen Hristov, Confidential Client

“Amazing tool, it is the best tool and does everything in Revit. This tool is worth every penny we paid.” -Ting Zheng, UK Client

“It is amazing and saves our company so much time!” -Christopher Rumph, Confidential Client

“I am speechless on how much time and frustration it is saving me. The tools are life savers.” -Mona Selahvarzi, Confidential Client

“RF Tools are fantastic, not sure how did I survive without it and feel so disappointed I found it so late:)” -Pawel Gotlib, Confidential Client

“Invaluable set of Revit tools. I am an architect and have been looking for ways to better link Revit to excel and your application is by far the most powerful and user friendly.” -Anthony Nganga, Studio 26 Associates, LLC

“Your tools are saving us TONS of time, thanks.” -Brian Berggren, Emanuelson-Podas, Inc.

“By far the most easy to use! RFTools is the way forward.” -James Still, dot BIM

"I think it's a very well written application!" -Anthony Viscusi, Confidential Client

"Thank you for your software, it is amazing and saves our company so much time! We especially like the Project Setup tool and Parameter Transformer." -Christopher Rumph, Confidential Client

"Excellent product. It's saved a lot in production." -Louis Harrison, Rosendin

"I love this software!" -Dennis Channon, Confidential Client

"A big thanks for constantly improving this tool for Revit. It has saved me countless times from hours of extra work. And, I think of It as my best kept non-secret. Keep up the great work!" -Trent Cleghorn, Confidential Client

"Your tools are well worth the money! Keep it up! This software is amazing!" -Brady Pennington, Confidential Client

"I was made a believer and I continue to spread the word about RF Tools with whoever I come in contact with." -Aubrey Frederick | Founder, iCAD Solutions

"It does exactly what I want. The tools do that and much more - the excel to Revit is another challenge that this seems to solve. Very Impressive!" -Spencer J. Allen, Confidential Client

"I have to say, it's a really awesome and powerful aid to managing the view, sheets, and parameters. Thanks again for saving me and my team members countless hours in our workflow." -Matthew Marks, Confidential Client

"First off let me tell you how great the add on is and how much time its saving us!" -Jacob Lindenstein, Confidential Client

"Wow, what can I say. I'm impressed. Many thanks!" -Balazs Trojak, Paraforms Limited UK

"OMG .. This is very exiting. Thank you so much! I think this is HuGe! LOVE love love love the tool. Finally made it to the parameter linker! The best I've worked with so far! Can't live without it!" -Natalia Locke, BIM Manager

"If we were only allowed to have one addin, RushForth Tools is the only one we couldn't live without. RF tools will keep you from wanting to shoot yourself in the face. I didn't have time to test out the tools for a while but when I did, i don't know how i survived without them. Several times a week i hear my staff say thank goodness for RF Tools. I don't know how we would have done this without them." -Megan Green, BIM Manager

"Brilliant. Works like a champ. I Love the Tools." -Lonnie Cumpton, Director Of BIM Technology, Taylor Design

"Fantastic tool for me and saves a great deal of time. Cut down the set up of a model from hours to minutes. A game changer for me. These tools are amazing. This is going to eliminate so many time-consuming variables." -Phillip Brock, Archingen

"Thank you for making Rushforth Tools - we are huge fans here!" -Kenneth M. Shultz, Archingen

"This is a great app for Revit. The Parameter Scheduler has already made my life better dealing with parameters!" -Andrew Beldecos, Principal, ABLD

"If you don't use RushForth Tools, you are missing out! It bridges the gaps that Revit does not do well. I love RushForth Tools. If you do not have it, I would recommend your company looking into it. With RushForth Tools I can take a schedule, export it to Excel, then I can use the functionality of Excel and import it back into Revit. So now what would take me 20 minutes took me two." -Stephanie Elliot, Confidential Client

"Your product is AWESOME!!!!!!!" -Merle (Mick) C. Knipple, Confidential Client

"Just wanted to say thanks for this amazing tool and for saving hours of wasted design time!" - Chuck Brewer, Confidential Client

"I've had a chance now to put your tool through its paces and wow, really impressed with the functionality. The functionality is fantastic." -Nathan Beplate, BIM Project Manager, LendLease

"Holy Smoke, the App just saves a lot of time. Just wanted to say thanks for a great app." -Scott Wilson, Designer

"Our users are very happy with the software and the efficiencies it's allowing." -Russell Strange, BIM Leader, Australia

"I've barely scratched the surface of your app, but it blows my mind. GREAT JOB!!" -Shaun Stuart, IBI Group

"Thanks for your work, your plugins are great." -Jean-Marc Couffin, Coordonnateur BIM, Provencher Roy Associés Architectes Inc

"This is a great product!!" -Hernan Jerez, Laing O'Rourke Australia

"Holy Frijoles, you are from the future! Do you have any hot stock tips, or can you help me with a little sports betting, hmmmm? The Transform Tab will blow everyone's mind!" -Peter Lawton, Confidential Client

"It's people like you that make Revit usable." -Dale Wachholz, Confidential Client

"RFTools has become an essential tool we rely on daily." -Akira Togawa, Associate/BIM Director

"The Project Setup Tab has become a 'must have'. Keep up the good development!" -John Cook, BIM Manager

"Your products are best value and most functional available." -Ryan N. Sartalis, Confidential Client

"I am using RFTools every day and produced literally thousands of shared parameters in a relatively short time, brilliant productivity tool. Boss can't believe how much I have done. The sheet creation has run faultlessly, excellent tool to get the dependent views duplicated and named, same with the sheets, plus the alignment of the views on the sheets, EXCELLENT." -Mark Collins, BIM Team Leader, Michael Lonsdale Group

"Awesome Product! I love the plug-in." -Steve Hosmer, Confidential Client

"I have been enjoying using RF Tools. They quite literally have changed my life! Your add-ins are an integral tool in our workflows." -Jay Merlan, Bim Extension

"Awesome app for BIM Manager. Highly recommended" -Gianfranco Pavan

"A real time saver. Great product!" - Jesse Browning

"I can't tell you how much of a game changer this has been to our company. We keep finding more and more uses for it all the time…" -Tracy Matteson, Design Technology Manager

"Your addin is absolutely amazing!" -Tomas Trujillo Botero, Escuela de Ingenieria de Antioquia

"Works a treat! I like it a lot. It has been a big help on my projects. I couldn't see working in Revit without it." -Trent Cleghorn, Designer

"I LOVE your add-in!" -Aaron Schintler,Associate, Studio NINE Australia

"I want to deeply thank you for this amazing add-on you create its really huge time saver and really helpful" -Ed Al Asadi

"We have been using your plug-in for a couple of years now and it is by far one of the best and most useful products I have come across!" -Daniel Whyatt, Confidential Client

"I LOVE RF tools and cannot live without it! When introducing Revit to a new company, the 1st thing is to buy RF Tools!" -Scott Heter, InSite Group

"We love your software. It is great to be able to do many of the things that you would think would have been allowed." -Spencer J. Allen, Confidential Client

"I can't live without your addon!" -Jason Dellmuth, Google

"This tool is awesome. I have told all our sub contractor to buy one. Great work." -Sampath kumar G, Confidential Client

"I works well you did a pretty good job. Really, it is a great time saver… And it has more advanced filtering options for parameters than Revit." -Alper Ko?gan, Confidential Client

"We have been very satisfied with your tool. Our BIM techs have been much more productive in Revit using your tools." -Brenan Moore, Confidential Client

Images/RFAutomator with shadow.png

RF Automator

● Initiate tasks from outside of Revit, and schedule recurring Revit tasks on multiple models

Automate printing of sheets (Revit 2022+) from multiple models and links, including multiple options for saving and naming of files

● Automate printing of Clash Reports and sheets with clashes colored (Revit 2022+) from multiple models

● Open models while suppressing all warnings to avoid interruptions to the open process

● Schedule large models to open the next morning before you start work so they are ready for you when you start your day

● Schedule recurring downloads of your BIM360 projects and linked models to your network folders

● Run your own custom C# code on multiple models to automate any kind of task you can imagine and code

Create .bat files for convenient starting of automations


Project Setup
(View and Sheet Creator)

● Automatically create views and sheets based on the number of levels in your project and your templates

● Create dependent views from scope boxes or matching settings in a linked model

● Copy elements from linked model: Title blocks, scope boxes, match lines, true north, etc.

● Create unplaced rooms or placeholder sheets from Excel lists

● Automatically place new or existing views onto desired sheets

● View linked model view and sheet settings for reference

● Control the placement of viewports on sheets and have the option to match viewport locations of linked model

● Create custom templates saved as Excel files for different project types

● Batch apply any number of view templates to new or existing views

● Batch duplicate views

● Bulk modify common view properties such as scope box, scale, phase, phase filter

● View and manage which sheets are included in each project revision

Tag all rooms in selected views

● Copy Worksets from a linked model or manage Worksets in Excel


Model Manager
/Parameter Transformer

● Perform advanced filtering of elements by parameter or property values

● Export element data to Excel for advanced manipulation, concatenation, and calculations

● Import modified data from Excel into Revit elements

● Perform clash detection on advanced filtered element lists or on basic categories and see the results in an editable Revit 3D view

Search and export model data including parameters, locations, owner of elements, etc.

● Modify parameters of multiple families and categories simultaneously and export to shared Excel schedule

● Automatically fill out parameter values with sequential numbering

Find and replace text in parameter values

● Can even filter and select project settings like copying and pasting only selected view templates between projects

● Edit Key Schedules using Excel

Create new shared parameters with associated data when importing from Excel

● Query and export linked model data

● Rename family types using Excel

Purge categories or filtered selection out of a model

Insert existing views onto existing sheets by specifying a sheet number in Excel

● Control alignment and view visual styles of all viewports using Excel


Parameter Scheduler

● Instantly make families compatible with standard schedules and tags by simply selecting your preset parameter list

Import/Export shared parameters to/from families or projects

Review existing project schedules and automatically add missing shared parameters to scheduled elements

Batch process multiple families

● Quickly create new shared parameters for your family, project, or schedule template (with or without adding the parameter to the company standard shared parameter file)

● Make downloaded content be compatible with any of your preset schedules

● Add or transfer parameter definitions (including formulas) to selected elements in a project

● Coordinate shared parameters between project consultants

● Create custom schedule templates/parameter lists by pulling parameters from multiple shared parameter files, templates, project schedules, selected elements, or the current project/family

Replace existing family or shared parameters with new shared parameters and save the mapping as part of the template for reuse on multiple families

Search as you type function to search through a shared parameter file or template for items such as parameter names, data types, and GUID

Convert existing family parameters to shared parameters that can show up in schedules and tags


Parameter Linker

Link parameter values between elements and between linked models

● Link detail items on a Revit Diagram to the floor plan equipment they represent

● Link non-schedulable parameters and properties to parameters that can be scheduled or tagged

● Allows non-licensed users to access the tool and maintain existing links in smart models without having to purchase the software



Import Excel tables into Revit drafting views preserving fonts and formatting

● Manage and update imported Excel tables


3D Sections

● Quickly create a 3D view for a selected region, selected elements, selected level, or the ceiling space of your current level

● Show all elements and worksets by default for quick coordination and visualization


Element Tagger

● Apply multiple tags to elements at once

● Set tag(s) locations based on various offset options including bounding box points

● Apply tags to elements of multiple categories at once

● Save tag placement preferences as reusable templates

● Option to have tag placement automatically rotate with the element rotation

● Apply tags based on parameter filters. Can use different tags based on parameter data (or lack thereof), or use different tag types with different text alignment based on the rotation of the element


RVT/NWC Export

● Create a local or network backup of your BIM360 model and all linked Revit models

● Export the latest sync'd version of the links, so you don't have to worry about when the last time they were "published" to BIM360 Docs

● If you have a large campus of models to export, you could create a site model with all other models linked in so you can take care of all the exports at once

● Has options for exporting the models to .NWC for use in Autodesk Navisworks (requires Navisworks or Navisworks Exporters to be installed)


Display Clashes

● Show all clashes that involve the elements in your current view or sheet

● View a report of all clashes, including the categories involved with each, organized by sheet and view

● Turn clash visibility on all your sheets so you can print a set for review by others

● This tool displays and organizes clashes by sheets, the way that many designers and engineers are used to reviewing drawings. You can use the Model Manager/Parameter Transformer tool for finding and filtering clashes by categories, elements, or parameter values.

Images/CSLogo with shadow.png

Run C# Code

● Run C# code directly in your model without having to compile or distribute your solution

● Easily test and change code live inside your Revit project

● Learn from included C# code examples for performing tasks such as filtering for elements, exporting parameter values to a text file, deleting elements, and selecting elements

● 'Automate this!' link allows you to create a preset for use in scheduling this task in the RF Automator tool for one or multiple models


Ray Cast Tools

● Automatically place element instances on the walls, ceilings, and floors of multiple spaces in the chosen directions (up, down, left, right, ceiling, floor) [This feature is in the Parameter Transformer tool]

● Automatically place element instances around the perimeter of selected spaces at desired intervals [This feature is in the Parameter Transformer tool]

● Move selected elements to the closest wall, ceiling, or floor

Note: May not work with constrained/hosted families that require disjoining before moving

And More...


"TOP 10 APPS!" Autodesk University        Also featured at Revit Technology Conference         and in AUGIWORLD MAGAZINE (Nov 2013, Jul 2019)

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