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RUSHFORTH Tools for Revit Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

  1. Data Collected: The app does not collect or store any user data other than local data that is used for the functions of the app. No data is transmitted or stored elsewhere.

  2. Third-party sharing: Neither the app nor its publisher shares any data with third parties. Online payment processing for purchases is done by either Bluesnap or PayPal. The payment processor does not share financial data with RushForth Projects, LLC other than payment amounts and information to identify the purchaser and purchased licenses.

  3. Data retention and deletion: No user data is collected by the app. The only data that is retained long term are customer emails, payment notifications, and license information for record keeping. These are retained on local servers.

  4. User consent and revocation: User private data is not collected, shared, or stored, so no user consent or revocation is required at this time.

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